420 Vaporizers

As part of Essence's commitment and belief in providing the cleanest possible smoking alternative to our customers, we're pleased to offer an extensive selection of premium 420 herbal, wax and concentrate vaporizers.  We understand that each customer is unique and looking for different features and flexibility, let our helpful staff assist you to select the right solution for you today!  Come experience the Essence VapeHouse 420 shop experience in Edmonton, we're here to help with all your questions!

According to Tweed, "Vaporizing is a way to inhale the bioactive components of medical marijuana while avoiding burning of plant matter. The vaporization of cannabis is possible because the “crystals,” which contain the main therapeutic components of cannabis, are converted to vapor at a lower heat than it takes to burn the plant matter. Vaporizing is an effective alternative to smoking which provides the same therapeutic effect without exposure to irritant compounds resulting from the burning of plant matter."