X2O C2 Set


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The C2 Set is a complete solution for thin and thick oils. The set includes 1 x X2O C2 Tank and 1 x X2O C2 Battery.  Perfect for thick CBD oil.

The C2 Tank

The C2 Tank gives greater vaping efficiently when using it for e-liquid other than those infused with nicotine. Designed with an industry leading ceramic coil lets this tank give the best and longest lasting vaping experience. With a smaller volume tank, there is reduced loss due to evaporation and the coils have larger orifices that allow the thicker liquid to soak into the cotton of the coil.

The C2 Battery

  • Smart Preheating function
  • Variable Voltage: Click 3 Times | Red 3.6V | Blue 3.1V | White 2.7V
  • Capacity: 380 mAh
  • Output Power: 4.2V
  • Bottom USB Charge Port

Using the Battery:

Charging the battery:

  • Before first use it is recommended that you charge it fully which should take about 2-3 hours.

Turning the battery ON or OFF:

  • Hitting the button quickly 5 times in a row will toggle the battery ON or OFF. 
  • If your first try doesn’t work, just keep hitting the button rapidly. We have noticed some users having trouble hitting the button fast enough 5 times in a row.

Variable Voltage: Click 3 times:

  • Red 3.6 Volts: Hottest setting vaporizes the material faster
  • Blue 3.1 Volts: Mid range setting
  • White 2.7 Volts: Coolest setting vaporizes the material slower

    Customer Reviews

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    X2O C2 Set

    Top notch micro vape pen for thick concentrates

    This has been my best purchase yet.
    I can mix my own thicker extra strength cbd vape juice and this pen delivers everytime. Love the 3 heat settings to dial in my dose. Everybody and anybody can use this one, it is so easyand portable


    Excellent service!

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